Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Brain: Ready, Get Set, GO GO GO!!!

It is official we are trying to get pregnant and I am SO EXCITED I could BURST with JOY! In case you are wondering all those caps mean that I am super happy. So super happy.

Mr. Rogue and I are worried about giving up our lifestyle, our expendable income, I am worried about being a stay at home mom, giving up all the time I dedicate to my hobbies and not traveling as often, but we both want to be parents and we are aware that that does not come without a certain amount of sacrifice. So I am going to focus on the deliriously wonderful things about having a baby and not those niggling things that make me wonder if we are in fact making the right choice. I am sure most people who are begining these conversations have a few niggling doubts.

The best part about trying to get pregnant other than the possibility of having a child finally is that I get to get out of scooping cat litter indefinitely. SCORE!

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