Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Brain: Investing in a Thermometer

I have not had a thermometer since I moved away for college, what did I need it for anyways I was a 20 something healthy kid with limited space and a very limited budget. Now however I need to track my basal temperature so a thermometer was needed. I opted to do some research before I ventured out. I don’t like to go to stores and just pick something because it looks pretty and because I wanted a nice family thermometer because we are hopefully going to be having a baby in the house soon I wanted to make sure I got something that would last. I ended up getting the ThermoScan by Braun.


I like the fact that it records temperature in a second, that it has a pre-warm-up tip and that it comes highly recommended by MD’s. The only thing I really don’t like are the replaceable caps that need to be changed after every use. Personally I would much rather have a way to sanitize the sensor instead of having to buy the disposable tips.

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