Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Brain: Dispelling Myths

There are so many things that I thought were true and are not or that I heard from other people but they end up to be not supported by any facts. Getting pregnant it seems comes with many people giving unasked for advice, but I better get used to this or so my friends with children have said.

Every day I go on to the web and find out something new. For instance I was wondering if there was a specific position that was best or if I am supposed to lay there after with one leg in the air as I pat my tummy and sing Kum Bye Ya; seems that none of that is necessary. As my mom says, nothing was that complicated when we were trying to have kids. I guess sometimes too much research can be a bit overkill.

I have nothing but time on my hands though so I just keep plugging away. Most of what I learn is super interesting and I cannot believe the things I did not know about my own body. Each day brings something new and exciting. It would be WONDERFUL if we got pregnant this first month. Here is to hoping and praying.

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