Sunday, January 10, 2010

Untechnologically Inclined Princess of the Year

Walking up to my computer today I found that I could not get it to work. After mashing on a few keys and attempting to reboot I started screaming and tearing out my hair... well not really instead I called in the big guns, my wonderful technologically inclined handsome husband to fix it. As I paced back and forth while he worked I guess my incessant questions started to bother him a little bit.

Me: “Do you know what the problem is?”
Mr. Rogue: “No give me a few minutes.”
Me: “But do you think you can fix it.”
Mr. Rogue: “Probably, but first I have to figure out what the problem is.”

Slight pause

Me: “Do you know what it is now.”
Mr. Rogue: “Why don’t you find something else to do.”

So I started taking photos. I am such a big help :)


An hour later once he figured out that my mother card was fried and put in a new one that he just happened to have on hand. I from now on swear to him I will never complain again about the amount of crap... I mean extra computer parts he keeps in multiple bins in the storage unit again. Bins that take up space, bins that could be filled with MORE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (I know I am obsessed).

Anyways I happily get onto the computer only to find out that although my monitor now works the internet got disconnected. Again Mr. Rogue sweeps in to the rescue and I dance around asking annoying questions and basically made, according to Mr. Rogue, such a nuisance of myself that I kindly SHUT UP! Of course I ended up pouting but Mr. Rogue fixed the internet and then drew me a nice picture to cheer me up, or at least I think it is supposed to be a nice picture, I am not QUITE sure but it does say “Princess of the Year” across the top and I totally like that.


Next time I asked him to give me higher heels though.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, and a cuter dress too! My princess needs a dress to compliment her position. I'm so happy he treats you like his queen and spoils you ROTTON!! I love Colin for that!

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