Friday, January 8, 2010

Tour Guide, Sushi Virgins, a Birthday and a Secret

Today was one of those days where there is SO MUCH TO DO that you just wish there was an extra seven hours in the day just so you can take an eight hour nap, or at least that is what I was wishing for. You see I was just out of town for two weeks, therefore I did not get very much this week except catch up on my errands and start trying to fit in seeing everyone that I missed seeing right before I left. Basically I have been busy, so busy in fact that scrubbing the floors and giving the dogs their weekly bath has fallen to the end of a considerably long list. Of course that list was considerably long until yesterday when in a moment of sheer stupidity, I blame it on the lack of caffeine in my diet (I am trying to cut back and it is impairing the way my brain is working), I offered to take my Aunt and Uncle (Ms. Sweeties Parents visiting from Michigan) somewhere cool.

It was only after the words were out of my mouth when I realized, CRAP the floors have not been scrubbed, the laundry is not done, both dogs need a bath and the car needs to be washed. So after I got home yesterday I spent the next four hours cleaning the house which included scrubbing my four week dirty floors, EWWWW; which was followed by an early morning wakeup call at 7:00 am so I could give the dogs a bath and get my grocery shopping done before my relatives got to my house. All this on top of the fact that a month ago when I found out they were coming into town and I offered my house up for them to stay. DOUBLE CRAP because nothing is ready; Sigh I really do this to myself.

So I got everything done, thank GOD, and I decided to take them to the Getty which is just lusciously divine. Everyone had a wonderful time until I convinced them that they had to try sushi. Mistake number 673: Don’t take your aging aunt and uncle who think adventurous eating means adding both ketchup AND mustard to a hamburger to try sushi. First they didn’t know how to use the chopsticks, then they were making fun of all that funny Japanese writing and the waiters funny accent, and then the food came. My aunt took one bite and spit it up in her napkin. Bless her heart she tried one bite of all four rolls I ordered but they all ended up in the same place. Her napkin was rather full. My uncle faired a bit better, he tried everything I ordered and then declared that he hated it and would NEVER eat sushi again. Mission Failed!


After I dropped them off I zipped into the shower and dressed for Mr. Fruits birthday dinner and games. We had a wonderful time but I just COULD NOT stop yawning. I seriously could have used seven more diet cokes. YUMMM!




And then lastly in the midst of merriment and laughter I made a stab in the dark guess, a guess that ended up being right and now I have to keep a secret and I wish I could SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS but for now must keep silent. I will keep silent. I promised. UGGGG SECRETS are HARD!!!!

I am however so tired that I am sure this will make less sense then it does typing it tonight. That is the danger of blogging when you are exhausted.


paul peggy zeus said...

The sushi doesn't sound like it went over well with my Big Bro and Big Sis, but hey, you tried, right? Hopefully they liked the Getty a bit better. Sounds like you have a pretty full day!

You deserve a nap with all that went on. (I can't believe I just said that!)

lilmansworld said...

ooh i wanna know what the secret is......or i can have fun guessing it....

myLA said...

someone is pregnant

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