Thursday, January 7, 2010

So Much Clutter My Brain Almost Exploded

Ms. Sweetie and I, after a late start due to my husband hogging the shower, were on our way early this morning to Riverside, a place where earthquakes happen and the temperatures in the summer drive every living thing into hiding to prevent overheating. Thankfully it is January so we will dodge the heat, and the earthquakes well I am just going to live dangerously.

Anyways we were off to visit Ms. Sweetie’s parents, who just flew in yesterday. Currently they are staying at my Uncles house visiting other family members until the weekend when they will come over to LA. We decided with the day to play that we would go to the antique markets in downtown Riverside. Oh the fear and passion I have for those cluttered shelves of junk that just MAY hide a perfect treasure. My problem is weeding through the junk, the sheer amount of STUFF hurts my eyes and you almost don’t know where to look or how to begin.


At first I wandered around aimlessly occasionally picking up a certain item only to place it back thinking “this is cool but where the heck would I put it”. There are so many things that I love at thrift stores that I would NEVER EVER buy. Figurines from the 60s all faded and cracked, teacups of any shape and size, interesting plate ware that I don’t need, and ANYTHING shabby chic. I particularly loved this pattered chair paired with the old wood dresser in the background and the clock. NEVER in a million years would I put it in the home I am in now but I can dream of someday...


And then there are the MILLIONS of cool ideas that fire off my creative juices; pieces of art that inspire me or great twists on simple things that I just would love to try. For instance there I think I am going to attempt to make this shelf out of an old picture frame and some wood; simple yet super cute to display things on.


Finally after about two hours I picked up something that I love. It is a metal tree that I took home, scrubbed and am currently using as a jewellery stand. I am not sure how useable it is and I am interested if it will either annoy me or help me find what I want to wear. If I decide not to use it as a jewellery holder than I will just use it for a holiday tree. Either way I think it is a GREAT find 


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paul peggy zeus said...

I really like that little white shelf in the first photo, the pink chair is probably worth a good amount of dough and congrats on your new find. Grandma LOVES her jewelry tree and has used it since the late 60's and still uses it today. So hey, vintage find!

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