Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slippery Little Sucker

This may be too much information, actually I am pretty sure it IS too much information but hey its what happened and I am all up for embarrassing myself here for your benefit so here we go.

Recently I purchased a bunch of new underwear from Victoria Secrets. It was time, if you know what I mean, for most of my current stash to be thrown away and for new ones to THANK GOD take their place. So I spent a good hour at Vickie’s trying on various pair and finding perfect comfortable ones that I loved. They are soft, they are silky, and perfect which is no small feat here. Finding underwear that I like is just as hard as finding good jeans. Some don’t cover enough and others well they cover so much that I feel like they belong and someone 20 years older than me.

SOOOOO I got underwear, I love them, and I bought a ton. YEA!

Well I was excited until today, this day where I had to get up at 4:00am to make my 7:00am flight back to Cali. Of course I am always super prepared, all my bags are packed, we have already gone through the house multiple times to make sure we did’t miss anything, and my entire outfit for the next day is placed right beside the bed. I do this so all I have to do is mechanically put on my clothes, brush my teeth, wash my face and go because let’s be honest I don’t function very well that early in the morning.

Everything was going ok, we managed to wake up on time, get everything done with our morning rituals and get in the car on time. It was only until we got to the airport after dropping off our rental car and were walking to the check-in counter a million miles away that I realized something was wrong, very wrong. My underwear, the new ones that I love OH so much were all the sudden wanting to fall down around my ankles. So I kept tugging, and pulling, as they were constantly sliding off my butt and wanting to creep down my legs. UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

I must have looked like a complete idiot constantly tugging at my underwear but we didn’t have any time for me to stop, there was no way I was getting out of line. So I stood there moving a few feet every couple of minutes tugging and pulling and cursing Victoria Secrets.

Once we got through the lines I was ready to go into the restroom and ditch the offending panties in the trash. I didn’t care at that moment about going commando in a dress on an airplane. I just wanted them OFF.

Getting into the restroom, determined to burn them, I realized the problem instantly. In my haste to get dressed half asleep I somehow managed to put on my new underwear inside out which meant that the slightly gummy waistline which helps keep them up was not against my waist instead the OH so silky shimmery slippery fabric was against my skin creating the problem that I had been struggling with for the past two hours. GRRRRRR!!!!

At least, in the end, I figured out the problem. I flipped those bad boys right side in and all was right with the world. If only all my problems were resolved in such a perfect way.


Carley said...

Ain’t nobody goin' to mess with MY nephew and niece!

paul peggy zeus said...

OMG I LMAO! I'm so happy you didn't have to be a French girl today. Happily everything turned around just right! (get it?)

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