Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unexpected Upgrade

We have a problem at Rogue headquarters, Mr. Rogue and I are UBER SUPER DUPER SHEET SNOBS. WHEW, there I said it. When I found out that Mr. Rogue was as finicky as I am about the quality and texture of my sheets and when we could spend hours talking about Egyptian Cotton VS Jersey Knit, well that was the moment that sealed the deal for me. Where would I ever find someone who was so neurotic?

Needless to say Mr. Rogue and I have bought and discarded alot of sheets that were too slippery or too scratchy, ones that balled up or did not hold up well after many washes. Anyways the fact that we are sheet snobs is not what this post is about, this post is about our bed. You see Mr. Rogue and I had spent the evening at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I could spend hours talking about the WONDERFULNESS and JOY we experienced there, however we did leave with a new set of sheets, ones we had not tried before and we were excited to put them on the bed. After we got home and washed them Mr. Rogue and I gleefully stripped the bed of the old sheets and started to put the new fitted sheet onto the bed. That’s when Mr. Rogue paused:

Mr. Rogue: “I think our mattress is upside-down”
Me: “But it does not matter because you are supposed to rotate and flip over your mattress every few months.”
Mr. Rogue: “No we have a temper pedic it is designed to go a specific way.”

Crickets chirp with the long pause as I stare at him with my head tilted...

Me: “So it is upside-down”
Mr. Rogue: “Yea we need to flip it over”
Me: “Well how come you are JUST telling me this now, we have changed the sheets on this bed hundreds of times.”
Mr. Rogue: “It was the first time I noticed it.”

So I threw a pillow at his head.

Once we flipped the mattress over and finished putting on the new sheets we both immediately jumped into bed and you CANNOT IMAGINE THE DIFFERENCE. We both stared at each other in wonder and then burst into a giggling fit. That mattress we figured has been the wrong way for THREE YEARS; three years of sleeping on the bottom not so squishy side vs. the top oh so heavenly side.

And you think we would have noticed but I blame both of our jobs for that; that point in our sad dark lives where our jobs yanked out our souls and used them for toilet paper.

Looking at it from the “glass half full side” it feels like we have a totally new mattress. Life just threw us an unexpected upgrade.


lilmansworld said...

kevin is the same way about sheets, if he had his own way he would change his pillow case everynight oh and his toothbrush. so u swear by tempurpedic? We need a new mattress.

paul peggy zeus said...

So you've been sleeping upside down all this time? And you told me how amazing your mattress was - and that was BEFORE you turned it over. . ha! It must be super duper trooper amazing now.

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