Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Ski Instructor

Every year I organize a group trip to Mammoth Mountain so we can ski our little sunshine LA hearts out. For some reason this year we did not get an entire group shot; probably because I just plain forgot but here is a shot at lunch with most of us (we are missing Ms. Rambo who was watching Baby Fruit and Mr. Dancer who got stuck on the other side of the mountain).


Every year we stay at these amazing condos RIGHT on the ski slope where it is only a quick 2 min walk to the lifts. Here you can see our condo and the skiers in the distance.


Over the past week and a half Mammoth Mountain got storms that yielded 9 feet of snow. And seriously LOOK HOW MUCH SNOW WE HAD UP THERE, it is nearly as tall as my SUV. It was incredible skiing conditions.


I taught Mrs. Fruit how to ski. We got her all dressed up and to the top of the bunny slope in one piece.


I showed her how to do the pizza and explained the basics and then off we went. She started to learn the basics of skiing.


For anyone who has learned how to ski that basically translates to spending a lot of time falling.


And then getting up AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.


And then falling one too many times so you just end up lying there refusing to move. It is my job at that point to give them a moment and then prod gently or sometimes not so gently to get the heck up!


We spend almost as much time in theory as we do on falling. Once your body “gets” what muscles it has to use to turn and stop then it is not so hard but getting to that point is the hard part. Here I am instructing on the finer points.


She did an amazing job her first time out managing to ski for 4 hours before calling it a day. I think by the end of this season she is going to be skiing really well. Like a proud mamma I watched her get better and better, I am so proud of you Mrs. Fruit.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Congrats to you AND Mrs Fruit! It looks so damn cold!!!!!

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