Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School of Mommies

Today I took Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit to the Long Beach Aquarium something we have been trying to do for weeks but just have not found the time. We went, we played, I snapped some photos of Baby Fruit going GAGA over the fish in the tank...


we watched a show with sea lions as I held Baby Fruit in my lap and breathed in her delicious baby smell, and I encouraged Mrs. Fruit to touch some sting rays.


We had a wonderful time full of laughter and new delights. One of the things I noticed was how many mommies and children there were, swimming around with their strollers full of children laughing and enjoying the day with us. Everyone seemed so happy, skipping through their day at the aquarium happy to be out of the house.

I cannot wait for the day (hopefully soon to be coming) where I am able to join these women with my own little sweet ball of delicious baby revelling in my child’s delights at all that is new.

Note to self, try to stay away from all gorgeous cherubs because it just makes me want my own that much more.


Anonymous said...

thanks for taking us there! we had fun time and it was again, my one of the "first time" memories.. like 1st time to see sea lion wow!, 1st time to touch sting ray!(it always scares me thinking it stings!lol but thanks for that info, i felt safer lol), 1st time to watch a sealion show under the sun!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much ..!it was fun for me and my baby!

mrs fruit

paul peggy zeus said...

I adore that first photo of baby fruit and am glad the old time clock is working overtime . . . it won't be long now, I can just feel it! Hurray for babies and the wonderfulness of them all! Without you and Mr Lambchops I'd just be a little lonely old lady.

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