Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Phriday: Baby Fruit

I know I know I shouldn’t be so obsessed with her beautiful eyelashes, or the sound of her giggle, or the way she lights up whenever I walk in the front door, or her sweet baby smell, or the way that she cuddles on my lap when I read to her, or the way she hugs me when I rock her to sleep but I just am because this baby right here is one of the best babies (Baby Lambchop is the other) that I have EVER SEEN!

This week I focused on photos of Baby Fruit in all her yummy wide eyed delicious glory. Hope you enjoy!










And then of course because I love to keep it real here are the bloopers from our photoshoot, photos that make me laugh at the trial it was to try and photograph a one year old.

Baby Fruit was mostly cooperative but she did throw a few fits of frustration at trying to follow the artists direction.


And then there was problems with her hair like in this shot where she refused to let us fix it.


And then no matter how many times we would place her in a spot within two point five seconds she was sliding her little butt outta there. It makes taking photos a little bit difficult if you could imagine.


Unfortunately Baby Fruit did not want anything on her head. We had the hardest time trying to get her to leave those damn accessories alone.

Baby Fruit trying to rip out her little bam bam hair tie but looking so adorable while doing it.


Sadly this photo of her ripping off her hat for the hundredth time was less adorable, I ended up snapping a shot mid wail AND mid blink. Not really her best angle.


And then we gave her a granny smith apple. It was a bit too tart I think and I got this great candid which is one of my favourites of the day.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love her saucer shaped eyes - so big, brown and beautiful. Really adorable shots today. I'm so glad they moved to CA with you and stayed close by.

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