Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Outlet for My Soul

It is a six hour drive to Mammoth Mountain and a six hour drive back home but I can honestly say for the most part I totally enjoy this drive.


Not because I like to sit in a car for hours on end but because there is so much to see.


Every time I go somewhere new is another opportunity to learn new things, and to take more wonderful photos of things that inspire me.


I seriously love to travel and I am so GREATFUL that I have been able to go so many places this past year.


On this drive I was particularly interested in the various cows we passed, probably because of the fact that I am a cyber follower of The Pioneer Woman and I adore the photos she takes of her ranch life.


And really I don’t feel sorry for these particular cows because DAMN look at their view!


But then WAIT we found a band of horses which made me SO GREATFUL that I had grabbed my telephoto lens.


They were so beautiful sitting there in their meadow. I wish I could take them all home.


At first the horses were NOT happy that I was there. They were all looking up at me tensed to run but after some patient waiting they went back to doing what they do and I could grab some candid shots.


These two look willing to come home with me except I am not sure really how Mr. Rogue would feel about me bringing a horse home to live in our greenhouse. I think for now I will have to sadly leave them here.


Maybe my next year challenge should be to take horseback riding lessons. I have gone many times over the years but to be professionally trained and then maybe one day get my own horse. HUMMMMMM.


Photography really is an amazing outlet for my soul.


paul peggy zeus said...

They say California cows are happier, maybe the scenery is the reason. Wow, your own horse, that's a cool idea. You could learn to do those jumps on the obstacle course. What fun!

Ivy said...

Ok, I know you wrote this deep blog post and everything, lots of pictures, etc. I must be shallow, because all I can think is... OMG YOU LOOK SO SKINNY IN THAT PICTURE!!! You look awesome.

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