Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Georgia: Old Friends and Southern Comfort

After spending a week at Mr. Rogue’s parents house and then three days at Mr. Rogue’s sister’s house we were off to spend our last three days on the east coast with Mr. Rogue’s best friend’s house Mr. & Mrs. Penn State. Mr. & Mrs. Penn State actually went to high school with my husband, they were all super close along with a bunch of other friends and I love the fact that they have all kept in pretty good contact.


Mr. & Mrs. Penn State are on the far left and my hottie HOTTIE HOT husband is to the far right, damn look at those abs!

Mr. Penn State and Mrs. Penn State actually didn’t end up dating until years after high school and then finally ended up marrying. I originally met them at our wedding and am so thankful that we had this opportunity to really sit down and have a long visit. It is wonderful to spend time with them and such a comfortable visit, they REALLY took care of us, thanks a million!


Mr. & Mrs. Penn State now live in a beautiful house in Georgia with their adorable little girl Baby Penn State, seriously too cute for words and such a little angel. I mean that face, those checks, those cherry red lips. They will be lucky if I don’t steal her away!


And her little facial expressions SOOOO CUTE!


But really what gets me is those EYES; just beautiful.


And then there was their faithful four legged companion Denali that made my longing for my puppies a little easier.


Most of our time was spent around the kitchen table catching up on what has gone on in our lives and giving me a chance to connect and learn more about Mr. Rogue’s past. The rest of our time was spent playing the Wii; which just may be the best invention EVER.

Here is Mr. Rogue and Mr. Penn State sword fighting. Notice the intense concentration on my husband’s face trying to deflect a powerful hit from Mr. Penn State. These boys were NOT fooling around.


O and then there was the Wii Fit which we tried for the first time along with some other friends who were at the house. Mrs. Penn State was showing us how it is done. Basically she KICKED butt and was taking names, did I mention that she was a bit drunk at this time and STILL KICKED BUTT!!


I of course took my turn also, I tried not to be too competitive but I am not sure if I quite succeeded. What can I say if I take the time to play I like to WIN!!!!!



lilmansworld said...

looks like a wonderful vacation and time with family! love ur pics

paul peggy zeus said...

Great times, great friends - does it get any better?

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