Thursday, January 28, 2010

Neck Deep with a Broken Nose

Last night sadly I had to cancel hanging out with friends which I HATE. I hate not being somewhere when I say I am going to be there. People who constantly flake drive me nuts so I try my hardest to not but I am at home sick, sick as a dog, sicker than a dog (I have a pile of used Kleenex next to me to prove it). I would take a picture but seriously, trust me you just want to believe me on this one.

Generally I never get sick but this winter I have been sick THREE TIMES, which is an all time new record for me. Something that drives me more nuts than flaking is staying home in bed with a nose that WON’T WORK. I have not been able to breath for two days straight.

So today, sick of being sick in bed doing nothing I forced myself up and started weeding through my pile of handwritten chicken scratched recipes. I have wanted to get them in some kind of order so I typed them all out. See being sick and cancelling plans CAN be productive to some extent. I may not be able to breathe but those damn recipes are no longer chicken scratch they are all nicely typed, printed and alphabetized. Sigh I love to organize it makes me so happy.

Since I finished that early I moved onto collecting some new recipes, recipes that will help me move forward on my 2010 challenge and I could not be more excited than to get into the kitchen, whip some of these up and share them with you; they sound SO GOOD. Neck deep in recipes, food, deliciousness and research I looked around at my crowded desk and felt frustrated with my being sick. Unfortunately cooking these will have to wait until I can breathe because without my sense of smell I think that the experience of cooking and eating will somehow fall short. Everything tastes the same, broccoli, an apple or tuna; it all tastes like gruel. STUPID COLD GO AWAY this Rogue Woman needs to get a cookin!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Poor my baby! And you sound all sniffly, stuffed up and snorty too!

(P.S. snorty is snot a word-I just made it up).

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