Monday, December 28, 2009

North Carolina: Keeping the Little Monsters Busy

When I found out that Ms. Pixie and Ms. Fairy love the Twilight series as much as I did I knew I found a perfect way to one spend some quality time with them and two keep them busy for a while. We did a photoshoot where I took various photos of them and then I turned them into vampires with them watching. It was wonderful to see the awe that they had as they transformed from little angels to little vampires. I also used this time to talk about magazine and print and how the women in these are retouched all over the place, that various parts of their body like their legs are shaved latterly in half and how a lot of what you see can be make believe.

Here are their before and after shots.

Poor little Ms. Fairy has no front teeth on top which is totally adorable, we decided to do a baby vampire for her, one that lost some of her teeth, one that looks like a child but OH SO DANGEROUS.



Ms. Pixie being 18 wanted something a little more deadly, with a touch of sex appeal. We created a blood dripping mouth and a tell tale bite mark. Her ghostly skin and dark eye makeup made her SUPER happy.




paul peggy zeus said...

Wow! watch out Count Dracula - there are new women vampires to watch out for. Ms Pixie looked amazing! Like she could be the star in a Hollywood Movie. Very professional job and scary too.

Anonymous said...

oh man I wonder what those teeth feel like, dragging on it.

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