Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jumping Off the Deep End

I have been blogging for the past two and a half years, which is about 26 months, or to be exact for 759 days; a grand total of 901 different posts –WHEW! Now I am ready I think to go public and share all of me which is totally scary and at the same time freeing.

I use alias’s to protect people’s identities and so random ex-boyfriends or jobs you are applying for can’t Google you and find a photo of you a little tipsy at my bachelorette party for example. You can see who is who by clicking here, or just click on the link with the photos to the right.

I try to post something almost every single day and when life gets in the way I just catch up when I can. I hope you read everything here with a grain of salt, in a joking manner like I intend. I try to keep it real and therefore with mistakes and an open honesty so I am aware I may slip up and not write what everyone wants to read, or agrees with, or thinks is appropriate but I hope you will forgive these slips because I am after all only human. Please read with care :)


Love Rogue Woman


paul peggy zeus said...

OOH! what a beautiful photo of you!!

sanyuphobia said...

oh my! breathtaking photo.

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