Saturday, January 16, 2010

It’s my Party and I will Change my Mind if I Want Too

I know it is only 16 days into the new year but I have made a decision to change my years focus to something a little less emotionally challenging. You see I did some soul searching and although I did have a spiritual breakthrough at my in laws church and I did declare what this new year’s goal would be I have concluded at this time I am still not ready to renew my faith after all. I am still angry, and sad, and confused about so many things that have happened in my life these past three years; people that have passed away and people that have ripped out my heart. I am also going to be taking on many new challenges this upcoming year, challenges that are going to need a lot of emotional energy and frankly I am just not ready to give the kind of energy I want to put into this project.

Don’t worry I will definitely be taking on faith and religion as I think this is a fabulous focus point for me, I just however won’t be focusing on it this year. Instead I have decided to do

Which will be really cool because I plan on

and then it will all end this way

but currently I have some issues with

Umm yeah THAT up there, all that blank space, that is the problem I am currently having. So far I am undecided and I will just give myself a little more time before I put my gorgeous high heel down and decide.

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