Saturday, January 9, 2010

It’s Good Practice

Our baby puppy Phoenix is so wonderful, with her baby puppy fur and her sweet little expression, see how she sleeps just like a little angel and she follows me around the house, she cannot stand to be left alone and cries whenever I try to go to the bathroom, I just adore her so much...


and then she does crap that makes me want to do something terrible. I swear that dog is half devil half angel. My feelings for her range from proud mama to incoherently angry bear. I posted earlier about how this menace tore up all my cacti. Well now since they are gone she has moved onto the avocado tree. OH NO SHE DID NOT!!!!!! I swear when I walked out of the house and saw a large part of the avocado tree on the back poach with several avocados half chewed I blanked out for a minute. I just stood there and stared with my eye twitching and my left nostril swelled to the size of the moon. I was seriously proud with my ability to keep everything together.

I succeeded but just barely.


paul peggy zeus said...

OH NO! Not the avacado tree!! What remedies do you have in mind to get her under control? Maybe Ceasar can help!!

paul peggy zeus said...

I want to see the Avacado Tree. . . is it still alive??

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