Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am a Diet Coke-alohalic

I love Diet Coke like a fat kid loves cake. Seriously I am not a smoker, I am not a lover of alcohol and I am not a coffee drinker but if you take away my Diet Coke I will kick the crap out of you.

So, as I am sitting here, I am technically kicking the crap out of myself. You see I am planning on trying to get pregnant soon which means changing some of the things in my lifestyle (fat crocodile tears are falling onto the keyboard as I type); which translates into giving up Diet Coke for a while. WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!????

And now someone trying to write an English paper cannot finish because I just used up all the exclamation points and questions marks. You know what I don’t even feel sorry.

Why do you ask am I giving it up now instead of that fateful day when the little stick turns pink, or gets double lines, or a plus, or whatever it does, because I answer I am going to ATTEMPT to go off my antidepressants on Monday and I want to make sure that my body is not tackling getting over two addictions at once. Right now I am thinking of rescheduling my doctor’s appointment because a large part of me does not want the men in white coats to take away my happy candy. UMMMM Happiness in a little square pill who would have thought.

Anyways going forward with my original plan (this means giving up the happy pill) I gave up Diet Coke on Sunday.

Sorry had to take a break to dry my crying eyes... (OH YEA three periods, go jump in a river English paper writer).

I am now 4 days sober and the migraines, the nausea, the physical cravings have almost disappeared. I say the physical cravings because the mental cravings are STILL all firing away. I may need years of therapy before I will be able to see a beautiful silver can fizzing with soda cheer. I know this because today while driving by a park I saw a kid drinking a can of coke and I had to grip the steering wheel a bit tighter so I didn’t run him over and steal what was left in his can. Ok it is not that bad but it did make my mouth water.

And don’t even get me started on the SNAP, GULP, AHHH moment on those DAMN commercials. Banging head against the keyboard now, the misery is thick here.

My new profile should now be changed to: “Quitting something you love SUCKS. She beat herself up. The end.”


lilmansworld said...

drink pellagrino or caffeine free diet coke. i drank caffeine while pregnant. only two cans a day or something is fine. something like no more than 42 mg of caffeine. i also loved decaf iced mochas. i know you're not a coffee person, who knows pregnancy/motherhood will change you into a coffee imbiber!

paul peggy zeus said...

Cute blog, don't bite off more than you can chew all at once and drive yourself stark crazy. I know your not a baby step taker - you like to dive right in, but there's nothing wrong with cutting back on your Coke instead of cutting it off. How 'bout One a day?

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