Friday, January 22, 2010

The First Snow

Today I drove up with Mr. Fruit, Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit to Mammoth Mountain for our annual ski trip. I am triple-ly excited this year because 1. I LOVE to ski, 2. I bought new skis and boots this year and this will be their maiden voyage, and most importantly 3. Because Mrs. Fruit and Baby Fruit have never seen SNOW and I get to drive up there with them and be there when they do get to finally see it... HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!!

So we are driving, still far away from the snow because we are on the 5 about 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles when the pouring down rain starts to pound a little harder on the car. Then, WAIT, is that HAIL. The 5 grinds to a slow halt as all the people stare in wonder. Yes it is hailing in Los Angeles, I am shocked!


As we drive north and higher into the mountains the anticipation in the car gets higher and higher. The temperature gauge in my car is constantly being checked. The coldest weather Mrs. Fruit has been exposed to is our mild 50 degree somewhat chilly nights. As the temperature outside falls lower and lower she begins bouncing in the seat with joy. I cannot help but suppress a few chuckles when Mrs. Fruit states once we hit 32 degrees that

“The Fruit are officially in the freezer.”


We started to see snow in the distance at the tops of the mountains and then tiny patches of snow flurries buzzing around in the air and then a little clinging to the ground. I offered to lend her my camera and she started snapping away. Such a great little photographer.


Her excitement was contagious even Baby Fruit started to wonder what was going on.


It’s as if the baby was saying

“Hey, what’s everyone getting so excited about, is it that white stuff?”


Then we rounded a bend in the road and there was finally enough snow to pull over so Mrs. Fruit could run around like a little kid. I mean look at that GRIN!


And just when I thought her smile could not get any bigger she grabbed a handful of snow. Look at her she REALLY dug her hands in.


But looking at that round little snowball in her hands made me think of my youth and the snow fights we used to have. Which made me sad that Mrs. Fruit had never been in a snow fight. HUMMMM


But what was that Mrs. Fruit, I can’t hear you. What? You don’t want me to hit you with your VERY FIRST SNOWBALL EVER.


But alas I was not strong enough to resist the throw. At least I was nice enough to hit her in the waist and not the head. Don’t worry she still loves me.

When we finally arrived at the cabin Baby Fruit got her turn to play in the snow. We bundled her up with her new little snowsuit until only just her little eyes were showing and carried her outside.


When we placed her on the ground she gazed around her IN COMPLETE WONDER. Part of the beauty of children are these expressions of joy that make you happier because you are living through the wonder of the world all over again through their eyes.


She was so adorable in her little winter suit which was a bit bulky and that caused her to waddle more than walk. We kept teasing her that she looked like Maggie Simpson in her little star outfit.


Mother and daughter share the wonder of holding snow in their hands. They were both enthralled.


I don’t think there ever was a happier baby than this baby at this moment.


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paul peggy zeus said...

It's such a joy to see Baby Fruits adorable expressions. And Mommy Fruit - so happy to see her first snow! I remember how thrilled C was the first time she saw the changing of colors in the fall - she was so excited.

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