Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fallen Princess

I love the Internet, in this sphere if you dig there is so much wonderful creativity that I love to look at for inspiration in my own art. Of course I am going to share things that I find that I adore for instance today work I found by Dina Goldstein called Fallen Princesses, see her site here. Her work shows various Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios with real issues that are affecting women all around the world; pain, suffering, conflict, indecision and addiction to name a few. The characters are placed in an environment that showcases their troubles after the prince came in and swept them off their feet basically showcasing that not everything really ends happily ever after.


Looking at these I feel intensely moved and have an instant connection with the women who have fallen just like we all do.


And this last one, AHHH it is my absolute favourite and I may have to purchase a print to hang in my home.


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paul peggy zeus said...

reminds me of "Enchanted"

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