Monday, January 11, 2010

Cry Me a River

When I moved to Los Angeles I dove into the perfectly sunny days that are almost without end with a kind of homecoming. I remember fondly the days as a child growing up in Michigan where we would pile fall leaves in huge piles to jump in, or when we would get 4 feet of snow and school would be cancelled and we spent the day making snowmen and angels. I remember the warm house and unbundling layers and layers of clothes to the smell of mom making hot chocolate. As a young adult I understand the need to wear the pantyhose (a horrible torture device in my opinion) and the damage a harsh winter can wreck on closed toed shoes. I can sympathise with people who forget car scrapers and have to dig out an old CD case in order to be able to see out the windshield because I have been there too!

But when I moved to Los Angeles six years ago I entirely gave up the notion of seasons. Occasionally I will get a TINY twinge of longing for a crisp fall day with colors blazing or I will dream of opening my front door to a land covered in pristinely white snow but seriously all you need to know is this:

I can wear flip flops and tank tops every single day of the year. I can go surfing in the morning, drive two hours and go skiing at night - ALL IN THE SAME DAY. And when I want to see the snow I can visit it – I don’t have to LIVE in it.

For all those haters out there who wonder out loud to me “Don’t you miss the seasons?” all I can say, after I daydream smack you, is don’t you dare come crying to me when your car door freezes shut, when your arms burn with pain as you shovel snow from your drive way, or when you slip and slide all the way down your porch steps and land flat on your butt. I have come to love my seasons blissfully warm, where almost every single day is the same – warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky. And just know this you have a runny nose and today, in January, I have got tan toes!

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paul peggy zeus said...

So why are you crying? Hurray for flip flop, tank tops and tan toes in January. And who wouldn't LOVE to choose to drive to the snow if you feel the urge to FREEZE! Cute post.

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