Saturday, January 2, 2010

Canine Bodyguard

Getting home today was such heaven, I was back to my closet, my bathroom, my bed, and most importantly back with my beloved animals. As soon as I walked in the door everyone was clamouring for attention but of course after an hour of cuddling I moved on to chores that had to be done. The house got cleaned, the bare refrigerator got filled, and then Mrs. Rambo and I met for a walk to catch up and to give some much needed exercise to the dogs.

We walked and we talked giggling about our holiday exploits and sharing our mutual frustrations about life. I love Mrs. Rambo; she is a true pure soul and the best neighbour in the world; at least that is what I thought about her before our walk. It is funny how one hour can change your viewpoint about someone.

About 40 minutes into our traditional loop of the neighbourhood a brown chow trotted up to us. No collar, no leash, he looked reasonably well cared for and my initial reaction was to see if we could get a hold of him and find his owner. That was before I noticed his posture which was certainly not a friendly waggy tailed dog, he was stiff, his head raised high, his tail straight out and then the growling started. I watched in slow motion as the dog lunged for Rogue. I bet you thought I was going to talk about the horrible dog that was going to attack me and that the dogs saved me, OH NO that would make life too easy.

He lunged for Rogue, Rogue lunged back and the Phoenix jumped in the mix. Mrs. Rambo and I were suddenly faced with a three way dog fight. I started yelling and trying to pull back Rogue and Phoenix with all my might. They are super strong Rottweiler’s and as I got them pulled back slightly Mrs. Rambo, HEROIC Mrs. Rambo jumps between my dogs and the HORRIBLE brown chow and starts waving her arms like a crazy person screaming for the dog to go away.

She scared the chow away a few feet which gave me just enough time to yank my dogs further away. As we trotted off constantly looking over our shoulder to make sure the chow was not following us I took inventory of the dogs and thank god all was well. Other than a bit of slobber both dogs seemed to have gotten away unscathed.

I thank the lord that Mrs. Rambo was with us. Without her I know something horrible would have happened. And for her to jump in between a dog fight to save my furry babies, putting herself in danger standing up to that mean old chow like an enraged mamma bear made my heart swell up with more love for her, if that is even possible.

Thank you Mrs. Rambo, I know for a fact God put you in my life for a wonderful purpose and I have gained a lifelong cherished friend in you!

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paul peggy zeus said...

What a brave and courageous thing to do! Thank you Mrs. Rambo for saving my baby's babies! That could have been a very bad blog, I'm glad everything turned out AOK!

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