Sunday, January 3, 2010

BBBS 23: Squeakquel and Dogs

Today I promised to take Ms. Little to see a movie. Initially we were going to go see New Moon but her mother bought it on DVD so thankfully (nothing against the movie I love it but I have already seen it three times) she wanted to go see something else. Unfortunately for me that something else was Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel, UGGGGGGG. I was hoping for Avatar but I know that was too much to ask for. So I picked up Ms. Little and her twin sister and prepared myself for a hour and a half of singing balloon style. Sigh.

We went to the early showing since I had plans later in the day and I got the girls popcorn which I REALLY REALLY wanted also. Instead I ate the nuts I had packed for my snack with two popcorn eating, butter fingered angels on either side of me. That movie was some sort of personal hell on MANY levels. They however loved, adored and gushed about how wonderful the movie was so all was right in the world.


After the movie the girls wanted to swing into Mc Donald’s for lunch, totally sidestepped that one, I am strong enough to not go to Mc Donald’s but I know I am not strong enough to get it for them and nothing for me so we came to the house and had peanut butter and jelly for the girls and toast and a banana for me, much healthier.

After that we all jumped into the suv with the dogs and headed to the dog park where we frolicked for the next two hours in the sunshine. It is so much joy to see them interacting more with dogs and starting to learn to trust them again. It has taken almost a year since both girls were terrified of dogs especially big dogs but now they play fetch and pet most of the ones that come up to them.

On the way to drop them back off at home they asked if we could get ice cream and since we had already gotten treats at the movies I deflected that we would get some next time.

Crisis averted not only did we have a great time but I managed to navigate through the obstacle course of eating right all day!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Ug The Squakquel! I can't imagine anything more ear piercing than that! Great job letting your little decide on whatever SHE wanted to see - it's important for her to make those decisions and grow in confidence. I'm happy the girls enjoyed it and I'm VERY proud of you for sidestepping both Mickey D's AND ice cream all in one day. Instead of Ice cream try to find a frozen yogurt place or Gelato that way they feel like they are getting their treat and it's more healthy and less calories too! GOOD JOB!

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