Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Brain: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

My neighbour, Mrs. Rambo, upon learning that I was going to try to get pregnant soon, lent me this book which is FILLED with wonderful things about how to get pregnant. Although I am not going to be working myself up with trying to figure out the exact moment I am ovulating, at least for a few months we are just going to wing it, but still the information is interesting and well if we don’t get pregnant easily the things I am learning will be very helpful.


It is nice to know that a few of my friends will also be having kids around the same time as me. With Ms. Bulldog and Ms. Rambo all pregnant as well I am happy to have people that I can talk to about anything and everything baby. Not that I am going to love my childless friends any less but I am excited that some are also going to be new mothers too.

So today I am squirming in anticipation because in a few days Mr. Rogue and I are finally going to put all the practicing we have been doing to good use. I am SO COMPLETELY EXCITED to take on this next step; a step that I have been anticipating for a very long while.

Aside from my deep excitement I am a little bit worried that I will take after my father’s side of the family and have a difficult time getting pregnant. After so many years of obsessing over NOT getting pregnant and all those times I worried over possibly being pregnant I hope to God that I do not have a fertility problem, that I will be able to have the child I long for and that I will have a baby before the end of the year like I hope. CRAZY!

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