Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Your Bathroom’s So Ugly

We have the most horrible bathroom EVER. I wouldn’t go as far to say the worst in the world but it comes pretty damn close. It is so bad that I even submitted photos to a TV show that is geared toward taking the worst bathrooms in the US and pimping them up. I did not get a call back which I am still a little bitter about. Regardless every time I have to go in there, which thankfully is not often at all, I wince in terrible pain. The sight is an eyesore to our whole house.

Since we finished phase one of our remodel a year and a half ago and because that experience was so excruciatingly painful we have been putting off getting phase two done on the house which includes the “most terrible” bathroom remodel and some work to the other two spare bedrooms in our home. But with Mrs. Fruit staying with us for a few months and now with Ms. Ivey League visiting this past week I may as well just go ahead and say it but I am SO EMBARRASED when they are forced to use this bathroom.

I will allow you to judge for yourself with these pictures because I am not really sure you believe me when I say how terrible it is.


First of all in my bathroom you can go pee and brush your teeth at the same time. I don’t know who and the hell designed this but SERIOUSLY I don’t think that I would ever be that pressed for time. As an added bonus look at this AMAZING color scheme which has been the bane of my cursed artistic soul for years. Something about baby blue coupled with the baby pink makes me just want to vomit.


Second, because the sink is so STRATEGICALLY placed for time management reasons EVERY SINGLE TIME I enter the bathroom, brush my teeth, get out of the shower, go to the restroom or attempt to dry my hair I hit my hip on the corner of the sink. EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. For the first year living in this house I had permanent bruises that have only now begun to fade.


I also just adore the addition of the handicap shower which makes this small bathroom so cluttered. I can’t wait to get that out of there.

Lastly there are the wonderful ARTISTIC accents throughout the room that make it just that much more SPECIAL. As in short bus special.


These wonderful boat decals burned into the mirror for instance lend a feeling of being near the ocean if you are blind I think these would be WONDERFUL. As I am not blind these decals make it extremely hard to see into the actual mirror and when I was waking up in the morning struggling to get ready before a busy workday I just dreaded looking into my tired eyes through Moby Dicks boats.


Continuing in the ocean theme there are tiles randomly thrown onto the baby pink walls. Aren’t they cute YACK!

The bathroom must go and thank god it looks like we are going to start construction again sometime in January. Hopefully with a new bathroom the “your bathroom jokes”.


Carley said...

LOL! You are so funny! Can I compete with our orange bathroom with freakish faces on the wall?

paul peggy zeus said...

Get your sledge hammer out and go at it girl! I guess the only good thing about this bathroom is if you had the flu at both ends at once! ha ha.

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