Saturday, December 12, 2009

White Elephant

Today is Mrs. Cutie Pie’s annual Christmas party and somehow I got my time mixed up which caused all kind of drama. You see I was playing a video game with Mr. Rogue and lost track of time. Once we were finished I realized I only had a half hour to shower, blow dry and do my hair, put on my makeup and choose my outfit. In a whirlwind of activity I managed to get ready by applying makeup while blow drying my hair, I was sure no one would notice that my eyeliner was a bit LESS perfect then it normally is, and by getting dressed as I brushed my teeth. With sweat trickling down my back I started stuffing the things I would need in my purse and glanced at the clock. I was ecstatic for a moment because I realized that it was two minutes to 5. I somehow managed to rocket myself from sleepy bed bum to party self in 28 minutes and as I relaxed smiling at my feat I noticed something else CRAP I was not being picked up until 6 not 5. I was an HOUR and two minutes early! DOUBLE CRAP.

So I spent the next hour redoing my hair, making more elegant touches to my makeup rather than the slopped up mess I ended up with and changing into about 15 different outfits. I guess if you looked at it in a “glass half full” kind of way at least I was not an hour LATE in getting ready.
The party was the same as it is every year, great laughs and wonderful fun. Funny enough our photo this year looks very similar to the one taken last year.

This year’s photo (below) and last year’s photo see here.


Mrs. Cutie Pie added a twist this year to our usual, a White Elephant twist that had us all on the floor laughing. With any White Elephant party there is always that ONE GIFT that everyone seems to want, that everyone steals from each other until the end of the game when the champion holds their prize aloft in triumph. Ladies and Gentlemen meat the SEXY BITCH cup and you cannot help but notice her super happy grin and wining.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Congrats on such a quick "get ready" I can totally see you changing 15 time, some things never change. Looks like you all had a great time and I love the sexy bitch cup!!! I want one too but am probably way past sexy.

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