Saturday, December 19, 2009

Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling is always a chore but no more so than during the holiday season. I almost dread the holidays because I find that I am always traveling because I am always the one out of town. Mr. Rogue and I almost NEVER argue but today because it was too early, it was too crowded, and my luggage was too heavy, which caused a $100 fee (oops!) we were snippy and very unchristmasy all morning long. SIGH.

We ended up talking about it and working through our differences and for the rest of the day we pretty much buried our faces in our books and gritted our teeth just trying to get through the day. It didn’t help that we are both still on a diet and there is not much to eat at airports or on planes other than the good for us snacks I had brought. I desperately wished for snickers to give me a sugar rush but I instead jumped into the trail mix bag with zeal.

Once we got to North Carolina’s Raleigh Durham we managed to get to the house without to many problems. This was my first time visiting Mr. Rogue’s parent’s home and I found myself very comfortable. Their neighborhood is very similar to the one that I grew up in Michigan. We had a simple meal of chicken and potatoes and a quiet night at home; perfect after a busy hectic traveling day.

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paul peggy zeus said...

$100! Wow! I'm happy you made it safe and avoided the high winds and blizzard conditions that were north of you in Washington DC and Virginia. Have a great time at your in laws home.

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