Tuesday, December 22, 2009

North Carolina: They All Fall Down

I remember the busy holidays when I was a child clearly, they were so full of family, friends and crazy schedules. There were two types of adults that I remember; there were the ones who gave you a great gift, a pat on the head and then steered you into another room to play quietly; but then there were the adults who got down on the floor and actually played with me. The ones that paid attention to the little things, the ones that took the time to make a fort or play dragons. Those were the people who made me glow with happiness as a child and the ones that I loved the most.

This was also one of the best things that I loved about my parents as a child. My mother could have never be that mom who sat on the bench gossiping with the other moms, no way, she was the one ridding the slide with us or showing us a cool trick on the monkey bars. And my dad would whip us up on his shoulders or tackle us on the floor in a fit of giggles. They taught me so much about love and how important it is to show love. 

Therefore taking a leaf from my past experiences I spent a lot of time this Christmas on the floor with my nieces and nephew really getting to know them. By the end of each day I was completely wiped out but by the end of my visit I really feel like I have a great connection with my new little family members.

The kids and I spent most of our time on simple pleasures. One of our favorite games was playing with Grandma and Grandpa's domino sets. I taught them how to set them up so we could get them to cascade, how to go down stairs and how to go over obstacles like books. Some of the best things for kids are simple things where they can really use their creativity.


So with all the escapades with the children I have acquired the nickname of the goofy Aunt, the one that makes them laugh, the one always up for a new game, and I had such a riot this week with them all. If that makes me "goofy" then I will take it.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Way to play! I've always enjoyed playing with little ones, especially my kids. Just because your grown up doesn't mean you have to loose the little kid in yourself. I'm so happy you enjoyed the little ones.

I had an Uncle (Bill) who made it a point to have EACH one of his nieces and nephews out for a two week visit to California - one at a time and I remember this to be such a VERY special thing he did. He had five children of his own, and had 19 nieces and nephews! What a great man and he gave me such great memories.

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