Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She Calls Me Tita

Today it was raining, hence no bird photography, so I decided to give Mrs. Fruit a break and watch Baby Fruit for the day. I love being an Aunt or in this case Tita (the Philippine word for Aunt) which is what they call me. It is so rewarding to walk into the house and see this adorable baby light up with happiness at seeing me. I took Baby Fruit on all my errands. First we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I had to exchange something that was broken. We were ONLY in the store for ten minutes but I managed to not only lose a shoe, which I found thanks to a nice old lady who turned it into the front desk, but I also forgot to pack little toys in the diaper bag (I had left them in the car) to keep her entertained. SIGH. So here I am juggling a baby while trying to carry on a conversation with the sales lady while frantically finding out I lost a shoe to finding a shoe. Let me remind you we were only in the store for 10 minutes.

The next stops Michael’s for some garland, Best Buy for a USB drive my husband wanted, and Toys R Us to look at high-chairs all went pretty well being as I learned my lesson and did not forget the toys AND I decided to leave the shoes in the car and just leave her socks on. Much less stress. The only problem was getting her in and out of the car seat, making sure I had my purse and the diaper bag, getting out the stroller, and then putting her in the stroller and doing this SIX TIMES in the rain. In and out and in and out and in and out.. it drove me MAD.

The grocery store, our last stop, is where the kettle really started to boil. You see Baby Fruit goes down for her nap at 4:00 so by 3:40 when we were in the checkout line (I was watching the clock to make sure we got home by 4:00) Baby Fruit let me know that she was DONE with shopping. Fair enough, I completely got it but there was very little I could do to console her at this point and the piercing stares I got from some of the people in that store, the stares I used to give, aggravated me now that it was me trying to quiet the upset baby.

Karma baby, that is all I can say.

Worst part is that when I finally got Baby Fruit home and in her crib she did not want to take a nap. Lesson learned - kids are not like clockwork, sometimes you need to just go with the flow.

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paul peggy zeus said...

How wonderful of you to give her mommy such a break. It's sooo important for a full time Mom to get a little time away. Such a good Tita!

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