Sunday, December 6, 2009

Removing Temptation

In an effort to stick to the new dietary plan that Mr. Rogue and I have come up with today after our oatmeal and fruit breakfast we decided to PURGE the demons from our cabinets and refrigerator. That meant that everything that was not acceptable food would go into a bin which we would either pitch or donate (depending if it was open or not). We figured with temptation out of our reach it would be easier to stick to our goals because when I open up a cabinet filled with good and bad for me stuff I generally weaken and reach for the bad just because it is there.


We managed to fill a bin halfway with things that were unacceptable and since Mr. Rogue and I did this together it was easier to not sneak a few things to keep in the back for those weak moments. Now although our pantry looks a little sparse it holds only things that we should eat.


We now just need to keep continuing to buy food that is right and not refill up our home with things that are not good for us. Over the holidays that is going to be a hard challenge but when you are doing it together I am hoping we can encourage each other to do the right thing.


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paul peggy zeus said...

So what happened to all those cookies you just baked? Here's a good idea - mail some to Grandma if you have any left over, since she is unable to bake any herself. Good job!

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