Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Real Friends Don’t Let their Friends Text and Drive

I am trying to be more responsible in the car, which means that I am endeavouring to stop putting on makeup, talking on the phone, eating, and texting while driving. So in an effort to continue this I frequently ask my passenger to send messages or to navigate my iPhone for directions.

Today I asked my passenger, Ms. Ivey League (I wasn’t going to name names but just trying to keep it real), to text my husband about our dinner plans. I handed her the phone and told her to text

“Ms. Ivey League, Ms. Dancer and I are going out to dinner.”

She managed to get the first part of the message correct but when she got to the “g” in going she accidentally hit the “h”. Thinking that the phone would autocorrect her mistake she continued typing the rest of the word “oing”. And yea the iPhone does have auto correct, it pops up with the word it thinks you meant right above the incorrect word in a bubble, and it auto corrects IF you hit the space button. Unfortunately Ms. Ivey League is not a believer of the iPhone and does not own one herself SO she naively tried to press on the bubble. To anyone WITH an iPhone they know that that means “no thank you iPhone I typed what I wanted it to be and you can screw your bubble suggestion thank you”.

When she was trying to hit the bubble the woman accidentally pushed the send button next to the bubble. She texted

“Ms. Ivey League, Ms. Dancer and I are hoing” to my husband.

I am sure to have a very interesting conversation with him when I get home.

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