Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Phriday: Here Comes the Rain

Rainy days may be a day of gloom for some, especially for Californians who think that weather is some type of torture, but I love the rain. I adore the soft pitter patter sounds it makes on the roof and the soothing monotonous dripping into pools of water. Growing up in the Midwest we would get thunderstorms all the time which to me is the best type of rain. I love it when the world outside is tremulous and angrily swirling while I am inside, warm, in bed reading a good book. Just to clarify I just want to be inside and watch it unfold I don’t want to go outside and wonder if my shoes are going to get ruined or wonder what crazy shape my hair will decide to make. Because I live in California where it is sunny most of the time I relish the little rain we get.

This photo Phriday I concentrated on the rain. I played in it, I put a towel on the ground and laid in it, and I spent a good hour getting thoroughly drenched to get these shots. Hope you enjoy and I hope I don’t catch a cold.










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paul peggy zeus said...

a perfect drip on the last one. Dad even said you are so creative and I, of course, agree!!

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