Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mary Left Joseph a Single Father

The holiday season for a new couple is about negotiation; a combination of what I like/want/am used to vs. my new husbands ways. Most of our kinks have been ironed out for the holiday season and particularly this year I am blissfully happy. I think that is mostly to do with the fact that I am medicated but who cares. I was on the phone with Ms. Ivey League and she stated

“Isn’t it weird that just a little over a month ago you felt like you couldn’t get out of bed.”

WOW has it really been that long, it feels like three years since I have been happier. That is probably due to the fact that when I was depressed each step took such effort if felt like a whole day had passed in just a moment. And I checked it has been thirty eight days. THIRTY EIGHT BLESSED DAYS. But that is not what I want to talk about this post, what I want to talk about is my pleading guilty for the involuntary slaying of Mary.

You see when I was a young teen, maybe 14 or 15, I was chasing someone, I think a cousin, and as I passed by our families nativity scene the corner of the straw awning Joseph, Jesus and Mary were hanging out in caught on my hand made (by grandma) pink sweater. You see this time in my life was so traumatic that I even remember the GOD AWFUL sweater that I was wearing. As a side note the sweater was only god awful because I couldn’t get my head through the hole in top without painfully ripping off my ears and one arm was strangely a full two inches shorter than the other arm.

Anyways, back on track, the awning caught on my sweater and in a moment that played like slow motion Mary, a delicate ceramic figure, took a dive for the hard tile floor. Needless to say Mary didn’t make it and since it happened in front of witnesses I couldn’t even put the blame on someone else. I was caught red handed.

The saddest thing is that that Nativity Scene was so well taken care of, it had been set up for every Christmas that I could remember. Over the past 16 or 17 years I have looked at every Nativity scene I have passed hoping for a glimpse of a Mary that is of a similar size that I could replace the one I broke with. Alas it has been a search in vein.

When I moved out and got my own place I have had my eye out for a Nativity scene of my own. Something I could place in my home that my children will remember at every Christmas.

Anyways whenever I found one that I liked I either didn’t have the money or there was something a bit off, I don’t know how to describe it better than that.

So this long story is finally coming to a conclusion. At the mall today Mrs. Fruit and I were finishing up a little bit of shopping… OOPS another side note, a GREAT benefit to having a kid is that you now have a ROLLING CART to hang your bags. Perk number 75!


Ok so we were shopping AND I had to get Christmas cards so we swung into Hallmark AND FINALLY I saw the one. Not the one to replace my mother's sad departed Mary (I will continue looking for that forever) but a Nativity scene that I loved, that was absolutely perfect, that was 50% off. Hurrah!!!

I am so happy that this tradition will be kept alive in my home. A tradition that I want to keep alive and a tradition that I will have to place high up and out of the way of dangerous pink sweaters.



paul peggy zeus said...

Yea, I do slightly remember this occurrence. I too, have looked for a lone Mary and even went to Bonners in Frankenmuth that HUGE Christmas store in Michigan. I have come to the conclusion that Jesus will remain an orphan in my Nativity set and Mary is not sold by herself. I even tried to find Mary, Joseph and Jesus set, but it just never matches the other figures. You just have to chalk things like this under "shit happens" and leave it be. I love your new set, it looks very chic.

Anonymous said...

JESUS is an orphan - Everybody knows that Joseph wasn't his real Father.

Rogue Woman said...

Right Joseph was not his real father rather his adoptive father. If you read in Luke 2:41 you will see it states that his parents (meaning Mary and Joseph) were worried about him. But thanks for double-checking that I know what everybody else knows.

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