Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It’s as if I Said I Was Cutting off my Arm

We were thinking about canceling cable. I know to most of the world TV acts as the center of home life but I grew up without television for the most part and well I would rather do something else then plop in front of the TV and stare for hours on end. Really when I tell people that I don’t watch TV their reactions fluctuate between shock and extreme shock. Seriously we are paying an arm and a leg for cable and it is something that Mr. Rogue does not have time to watch and I don’t like to watch. Well let me go back, I think that TV is really interesting. There are good writers and good shows it is the mindless zombie feeling I get that I hate. Really I don’t judge how much other people watch TV unless you are a person that watches it all the time, it is just my personal preference to spend time in my other hobbies.

However the ongoing discussion to cancel cable all came to an end when I sent Mr. Rogue to go get ink for my printer at Best Buy and he returned with TWO TELEVISIONS.


That’s what I said, why would my wonderful talented intelligent husband buy two new TVs when we don’t watch TV to begin with. I don’t know the answer other than he got them at they are staying. His reasoning is that they were on sale and his exact words were

“Look honey they hang on the wall and are only an INCH thick!”

As if that makes it all better? But he has put his foot down and they are staying so I am going to the store to buy shoes.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Your honey works very hard, so he does deserves to have things he likes even if you don't agree, right? He probably thinks some of your purchases are not useful to him too, but they make you happy. ie shoes.

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