Thursday, December 24, 2009

North Carolina: In Anticipation of Christmas

In the Mr. & Mrs. Faiths family they have a tradition to go to a 5:00 Christmas Eve mass. We all got dressed up and after last weeks visit to their church I was super excited to visit again. Mr. Rogue and I even managed to get a great holiday photo of ourselves in front of the Christmas tree. He is so handsome and I am the luckiest girl ever.


After mass the family gathers for cheese, crackers, meats and wine and relaxes before sending the kids off to bed. Everyones anticipation of Christmas morning is heightened.


Once the kids were put to bed and we were sure they were asleep the real fun began. As the adults sipped wine and spiked eggnog we started to fill stockings with the goodies that Santa was supposed to leave.


Then we gathered and arranged together all the gifts to fill under the Christmas Tree.


Once we had everything ready the last thing to do was eat Santa's cookies before we tucked ourselves into bed. I think I am more excited now for the morning then I ever was as a kid. What a magical season.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Kids make Christmas so wonderful bringing such awe and joy to the holiday. Their excitement is addictive and rubs off on everyone around them. I miss my little ones at home with me..... Sounds like you have a great time.

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