Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Georgia: I Got Stoned

It started out as a little Christmas gift, I was not quite sure if I wanted it but well it was a GIFT so I accepted gracefully, when they told me that they already had a date picked out where we would do it I was a bit worried. I had never done it before, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but well that is what life is all about; taking a deep breath and jumping. So I jumped and today Mrs. Painter and I went to go and get our stone massages and a facial.

What?!? Haven’t you ever heard of a stone massage?

Anyways the stone massage was amazing, pretty much one of the best I have ever had but the facial just took my breath away. You see I have super sensitive skin, skin that likes to get oily OR flake depending on its mood, skin that breaks out reputedly and drives me insane, skin that I have been battling for a lifetime. I have spent a fortune and a million hours worrying about my skin and that horrible hate I have for my skin started to heal with just this one facial.

The last facial I had a few years ago increased my fears. The woman reiterated all I didn’t like about my skin and gave me some new things to fear. She said I had thin skin, that it was temperamental, that I had large pores and that my acne would NEVER go away. I ran out of there crying with thoughts to come back later that night to slash her tires, not because I have bad skin but because of the hopelessness she made me feel in not being able to do anything about it.

Today the woman I had was all smiles and pep talk and she told me the EXACT opposite things about my skin. She said that I had good thick German skin that would age well (she does not know it but I could have kissed her then), she said that although I had large pores and combination skin that if I just changed my cleanser and toner to one with a slightly different PH balance that it would dramatically improve and then she showed me the best way to do a few things, simple things that would help my skin achieve its best. Now I know I won’t ever have perfect flawless skin but if it can be better I would be exponentially happier.

I walked out of that spa with a complete new outlook on the world, the sun looked brighter, the birds sang better and my body and face were singing with happiness. What a great gift!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Girl, you were born with perfect, amazing skin. From the first day you were born, you may have had a few zits as a teenager, but nothing compared to bad acne that runs in my family - consider yourself a very lucky lady with skin so smooth and supple. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different and you will age gracefully, beautifully.

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