Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nerdy Birdy: I found the Mothership

I joined a group that I found at one of the parks I visited last month. It is a birding group that is free, run by the park center and run by an experience birder. Although when I pulled up into the parking lot and saw a group full of retirees I still went. We had such a great time and spent nearly three hours in the park. I learned a ton of new things about birds and their habitats, mannerisms and sound. To top it off I met a bunch of wonderful people who were as passionate about discussing the differences between sparrow calls as I was. Truly I was submersed in my element and I had a wonderful day surrounded by fellow bird lovers.

There were 15 of us today and here are some of the group searching for the next bird.


And I could not resist here are some of the best bird shots.





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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so happy they invited you to join their group. I know you weren't sure if you'd get that invitation. Congrats.

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