Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Cards Check

Every year no matter how hard I try and plan December tends to take on a life of its own and things always end up getting done later than I thought. I always say next year I am going to start earlier, which of course I try to do. But for some reason the earlier I start the more time I have, the more time I have the more I think I can do. It is a vicious cyclical cycle, a black hole called the holidays.

Regardless of the fact that things are slipping on my list I am glad to say that today I got to cross off one more item, our Christmas cards are finally out!!

WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad originally I wanted them in the mail no later than December 12, HUGE SIGH, however at least they are out and will get to people before Christmas day.



paul peggy zeus said...

That's a big job accomplished! Have fun at Dancer's Birthday party!!

paul peggy zeus said...

Enjoy yourself at your in-laws for Christmas and tell them Merry Christmas from us! HAVE A SAFE TRIP!

paul peggy zeus said...

Karen wanted me to especially thank you for your very thoughtful words you put into her card. It gave her such a warm and wonderful spirit for the Holidays. Way to spread cheer to those who really need it!

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