Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years

As these final hours of 2009 dwindle down to a close, a new century and all its possibilities are about to begin. I am struck by how many ups and downs this past year has brought into my life. With the economy in a horrible depression, unemployment high, and all of life’s struggles I understand that this year has been a horrible time of struggle for many but despite the adversity of these times I cannot help but be even MORE thankful for the blessings I have in my life.

So in recap of the past twelve months I have:

1. Been laid off from my job which at first I thought was a terrible stress but became a great blessing.

2. Made some hard ethical choices that hurt me a lot but has made my life so much better.

3. Said goodbye to my beloved Grandpa, the magnificent Patriarch to my father’s family. A man who was classy and a perfect gentleman all the time; someone I miss every single day but hold all the wonderful moments we spent together close to my heart.

4. Decided to open our home to a new puppy only to lose her to Parvo and then again opening our hearts to another furry baby, who really turned out to be a sweet loveable Satan spawn kissable freak – seriously don’t ask. Which therefore makes our home all that more interesting.

5. I finally made the commitment to my blog and purchased a proper URL. I cannot even begin to put into words (even though I sort of did here the best I could) how much writing every day has helped me become a better me.

6. Created my Rogue Life List which I had in various stages of completion but finally put it together in once cohesive list. I am super excited about sharing this journey with all of you!

7. I fell in love with photography with my weekly Photo Phriday’s it has become my most wonderful obsession. This obsession has spawned other nerdy habits, see the bird blog – I know you can just call me that crazy bird lady.

8. I sadly continued to struggle with my depression and then finally after two years of struggling decided to take anti-depressants, a choice I made at the right time for me.

9. Then there were the numerous Malays that have me realizing I am getting OLD. First there was the neck incident, then there was the toe nail incident, and then finally there was the tennis elbow that I got even though I don’t play tennis.

9. Finally I had wanderlust so bad that I became an insane traveling diva this year. First I went to San Francisco for a wonderful “Girls Weekend”, took a trip with a bunch of friends to Mammoth Mountain for some amazing skiing, then off to a group camping trip in Anza Borrego, another girls trip this time to Palm Springs ahhh memories, then I visited Mexico on a cruise with Mrs. Ivey League, went to the Philippines to bring home my sister-in-law and niece, visited the Grand Canyon for my birthday/first year anniversary with my wonderful handsome husband, went to see my parents in Florida for Thanksgiving, visited North Carolina where we spent the Christmas holidays with Mr. Rogue’s family and finally spent New Year’s Eve in Georgia. I am so thankful now to be home and I know that I beat out that wanderlust; home has never felt so wonderful.

It has been again one crazy, fun and exciting year. I hope to continue working hard at attaining my dreams and keeping happy.

Here is our year in photos:

I found this music from Grey’s Anatomy and loved it. The song is “Follow Through” by Hotel Lights.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Great recap of your year. You forgot El Centro in January and Desert Pools and Joshua Tree National Prk with us. I love your photo recap - nice work!

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