Wednesday, December 23, 2009

North Carolina: Full House

This is the first Christmas holiday where Mr. Rogue's entire family was able to gather since the marriages of both Mr. Rogue and Mr. Fruit. Mr. & Mrs. Faith are so excited that we were all able to make it however I was more than a little worried with 12 people all staying in the same house for a week. Take a moment and think about that. Even with 4 bedrooms and two and a half baths it was a bit crowded. But I have to say it was not as horrible as I had thought it would be.

For instance we all managed to sit at the dinner table at the same time


Showers and attempting to sleep with all the noise and chaos that comes with being in a house with 12 people but we managed to survive with most of our limbs intact.

So I wanted to show you the memeber's that I lived with so closely for the past week.

Mr. & Mrs. Faith, aka Mr. Rogue's mom and dad.


Mrs. Painter, Mr. Rogue's sister and I at the park.


Mr. Painter.


Ms. Pixie, Mrs. Painters eldest daughter a wonderful girl on the brink of becoming a fabulous woman and a great shopping partner.


Ms. Fairy, Mrs. Painters second daughter. Such a beautiful angel.


Mr, Dragon, Mrs. Painters son, is a handful of bursting energy. Mr. Rogue and him have similar inner souls.


Mr. and Mrs, Fruit were also there.


Baby Fruit of course was there and the center of all our attention. SO ADORABLE.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I know what you mean about a "full house". Imagine: I grew up in one with 10 people in our family - every single day was chaos, the shoes at the front door was a huge pile, all eight kids sharing ONE shower, (which is why I'm such an early riser - making sure I got in first so there was hot water). Sharing one TV - you watched what the others had on. Never a moment of quiet time or peace to concentrate on your homework. And the dinner table - always full of people, conversation and a lot of hectic times.

But we always had someone to play a game with, our own volley ball, baseball or football team and there was never a moment of loneliness in my life.

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