Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dusting off the Skis

Ahhh it is that time of year again, one of my all time favourite times when I start daily checking weather.com for the snowfall and conditions of my local skiing haunt, Snow Summit. Over the past few days we have had the perfect combinations, a little bit of rain, a sudden drop in temperature and viola I start itching to take off to the mountains.

Mr. Dancer, the fiancée of my best friend and I made plans to go up today. Mr. Rogue would have come but the man decided to do squats for the first time in 10 years Friday and well he is just a wee bit paralyzed with pain from the waist down. And Ms. Dancer would have come but she recently just sprained her ankle AGAIN so she was out. Mr. Dancer and I were almost cancelled out with a storm change which would have put rain on the slopes all day but checking at 5:00am this morning we were given clear skies with light amounts of snow. Perfect so we were off.

The drive up is so beautiful and the sunrise was stunning. We snapped a few photos on the road that of course does not do what we saw justice. The bane of my existence, I so wish cameras could capture sunsets and sunrises correctly.



Halfway up the mountain the sun was peeking through the clouds creating pockets of light on the landscape like this.


And then we got high enough up to start seeing the snow, GOD how I love the fact that I can visit the snow 2 hours from my house but I don’t have to LIVE in it every single day. I don’t have to dig out my car, scrape my windshield, and freeze my butt off as the car warms up before I can blast the heat, I don’t have to ruin all my shoes, slip on the ice in my heels and fall flat on my butt or worry about salt and snow rusting out my car. It is such a joy to live in the comfortable temperatures of Southern California’s winters and still be able to ski. I kind of feel a little guilty sometimes like I am getting my cake and I can eat it too!


The trees are my favourite part of the scenery. Every surface is dusted white as if in a perfect painting like these trees.


The day was clear and beautiful with a little bit of cloud cover that only helped to prevent me from getting burned. There was a six inch powder base and the mountain was pretty un-crowded due to the fact that the main road had an avalanche and deterred a good many people from coming up at all.


I love skiing with Mr. Dancer. We drive up and ski a few lifts together then split up until lunch where we meet for a bite at a designated time and place. Then after lunch we set up a departure time and I don’t see him again until we leave. Skiing alone is a little like yoga. I have my iPod plugged in, I can go at my own pace and I get to ride the chair lifts that much faster being a single skier. Life today was DIVINE.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm happy you had a wonderful time. Sometimes being alone can be true bliss!

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