Sunday, December 27, 2009

North Carolina: Duke Rogue

We woke up this morning to a chilly but clear sunny day. Since we have been cooped up in the house because of the cold rainy days and the flu that everyone got we decided to bundle up and go to Duke University. When I told dad how much I loved architecture a few days ago he insisted on taking me to the Duke University Church. Oh how I LOVED, ADORED, and CHERISHED this building. We spent over an hour out front taking photos and then another hour inside; I could have stayed all day!

Here are some of the photos taken from outside. First is the long straight drive that takes you to the church. It is a famous focal point for taking pictures and of course I made Mr. Rogue stop the car in the middle of the street so I could take this photo.


Once we got closer I grabbed the wide angle lens to shoot this shot. See how the building and clouds are slightly curved due to the lens. Ahh even the sky and clouds were cooperating. Love this shot!


My niece, Ms. Pixie, is an aspiring photographer. We spent alot of time on this trip together discussing various topics of what makes a good photo and me teaching her about our cameras various settings. She took this shot of Mr. Rogue and I out front of the church and I think she did a great job with the composition and angle. Very creative!


But the real beauty to me was the inside of the church, the glorious lighting, the attention to detail, the ceilings that seem to go on forever and ever. Here are some of my favourites.







After the family dragged me out of the church kicking and screaming (j/k I went like a good girl, a pouting good girl). We went into the famous Duke Gardens, which I was assured are more beautiful obviously in the spring and summer, to take some family photos. Basically I just set up a tripod and arranged everyone and we went to town in various places in the grounds.


Of course after we took the standard smiling we let our true colors out. A crazy family we are.


Ms. Pixie took another shot of Mr. Rogue and I, a shot depicting our true selves. I know we are a little nuts but we are nuts for each other, just look at us clasping hands and leaning into one another. We are crazy in love.


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paul peggy zeus said...

The last shot is absolutely fabulous. Anyone who could love a face like that is #1 in my book. haha

I've always loved those beautiful churches. You've got to get to Europe and see the OLD style cathedrals that took centuries to build - they are truly spectacular and you won't be sorry!!!

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