Friday, December 25, 2009

A Day of Joy and Wonder and Candy... and Joyness

This morning I was lurched out of bed by two barely awake monsters (children) and dragged downstairs to watch the sun rise on the presents that are now scattered across the family room floor. We were all still in our pjs or various shades of dress and undress with a few of us still tackling a brutal flu/cold which we have been passing around to each other all week (OH WHAT FUN)!


I was excited when everyone was discussing how to open gifts to offer a tradition in our family where one person opens a gift and then goes and grabs another from the pile not for themselves and that person opens the gift and then grabs another. This way no one counts the amount of presents they have and everyone gets to open in a random order. Mr. Dragon being the youngest went first.


It was so much fun to watch everyone open the gifts.


Especially the kids.


Poor Mr. Rogue was so sick and so tired. He had been up all night and in return had kept me up all night. It is never good to be sick on Christmas Day.


My absolute favorite gift that we gave however was for Mr. Faith. Ever since I met him I have HATED his watch. Everything about it makes me cry with pain and misery. The deal was that we would buy dad a nice NEW cool watch. He really liked it.


The other part of the deal that I would get to have Mr. Faiths old watch, a watch that I have been dreaming about destroying since he agreed to let us get him a new one.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm sorry Mr Rogue was so sick all night, that's not fun at all. I'm glad you incorporated our "one at a time" gift opening tradition. It helps to see what everyone else got and makes the whole event last longer and the excitement builds seeing each person open their present!

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