Friday, November 27, 2009

Salton Sea: Crouching Heron, Hidden Mud

Ms. Ivey League and I set out on a little mini day trip, a trip to the Salton Sea where the birding is supposed to be amazing. Don’t worry (myLA is rolling her eyes) this post is not about birds but rather it is about adversity, triumph against evil, and the wonderful friendships.

So it takes three and a half hours to drive to the Salton Sea. We woke up at 5:45am, gasp I know mom I was shocked too, and then were on the road by 6. The drive went by super fast and somehow I managed not to get pulled over but that did not stop the cops from stopping by to see us. You see once we reached the Sea it was so beautiful that we pulled over to take a few photos. As I was setting up my tripod a cop car pulled up behind us. CRAP, $*###*.

All I could think is that this cop clocked me going mock 100 in a 25 mile an hour zone twenty minutes ago and just now finally caught up to me. As I started pulling out and discarding excuses for my speed he got out of the car and I am not kidding he hitched up his cop belt full of various cop parifinillia just like in the movies. He interrupted my excuse sorting as I pictured him clearing his throat and turning his head to spit before sauntering over and opening fire, of course that did not happen and I lost valuable time with my excuse gathering. Damn my fertile imagination.

So then he proceeds to explain that this was a busy day, meaning the day after Thanksgiving, and that people are really speeding, and that perhaps we shouldn’t be parked on the side of the street because we may get hit by one of these speeding turkey stuffed zealots who lost control of their car.

I swear to you Ms. Ivey League looked both to our right and left, we were in the middle of a plain, you could see for miles in each direction and there was not a single car in sight. That coupled with the fact that I was well off the road as in 10 feet from the edge of the road had me swivelling my head back to him wondering if he was crazy or just bored. So we got back in our car and slowly pulled back onto the road, careful to navigate the non-existing traffic. Thank god he was there to save us. Seriously there could have been better things he could have done with his time like chasing down those speeding turkey stuffed zealots (I was just glad it was not me he pulled over) instead of harassing people taking photos.

So we giggled and continued on with our day of wonderful bird watching. I had a map of good birding stops. Unfortunately the first stop ended up being a little lame. The reeds were so high that all we could do was hear the birds taunting us from behind their screen of green. After a few minutes we bailed out to go to the second location.

Driving on the dirt road we started to get a bit worried. The road was getting a little too rough. And it wasn’t super rough but there were some ruts and we were being cautious so we decided to turn around.


And while responsibly abandoning our destination and turning around that is when we got stuck in the mud. Stuck in the middle of no where.


And when I say stuck I don’t mean “Opps I think I got the tires a bit dirty kind of stuck” I mean a “CRAP WHERE DID THE TIRES GO I CAN’T EVEN SEE THEM” kind of stuck.


So we spent the next hour playing in the mud. First we tried to rock the car out of the hole the tires were in, that did not work. Next we tried digging around the tires and placing rocks to get some traction, that really did not work and left us TERRIBLY MUDDY.


Then we tried pushing and shoving and crying all which managed to get the car that much more stuck. That is when I broke down and called AAA. Three calls back and forth between AAA the towing company and myself left me with an operator telling me that she was sorry but my coverage did not cover adventurous off-roading meaning that we were too far away from a paved road. I can now add that to my growing list of capabilities, experience adventurous off-roading. At least she was able to get me the number of a heavy duty towing company. However the woman who answered the phone hymned and hawed at me to the point where I said out of COMPLETE FUSTRATION “I don’t care what it takes or how much it costs just get my car out.”

That statement got a tow truck out to our location within an hour.

This is me before the tow truck came.


And then once he got to where we were I was much happier.


He had to pull us from quite a bit of distance away because he was worried about getting his heavy truck as stuck as we were. He got us out of our hole only to unhook everything so I could drive out to get stuck AGAIN. MOTHER (#$(&#@)$!!!!!!!! I got stuck in the tracks he made.


So he hooked up the towing again and slowly dragged us out of that hole also.


Although the rest of the day was spend birding the day CERTAINLY did not match up to what I originally thought the day would hold. I did however gain a wonderful insight into Ms. Ivey Leagues and my relationship. Even if we have a 7 hour drive, dealing with a bored cop, get stuck, attempting to dig and push a car out of mud, kind of day we still have a great day as long as we are together.

Lens $400.00
Diet Coke: $1.25
Tow Truck $232
Photo of 400 coots priceless


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You know I love you and was definitely rolling my eyes but you know I need to say this, "Lexus!?!?!" Seriously gotta love you!

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