Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Ms. Ivey League arrived today at 1:00pm and by 1:22pm we were at the stores shopping. It’s one of our things, immediate retail therapy. Ms. Dancer would have joined us, as tradition demanded, but she was excused due to a horrible sprain (oh no!). Instead she met us for dinner and then drooled over our wondrous beauteous bounty. Here is what I got.

These shoes I scored at Ross for a steel and they are super duper obber comfy which is nice. The only thing Mr. Rogue could say “You bought FLATS!!!!”. Even though I LOVE my heels I am learning to love wearing something a little more comfortable for my errands and these fit what I was looking for perfectly.


I got this purse at Marshalls when I was looking for something else. I totally did not NEED to get another purse but it was just calling my name. I am a sucker for that call I know!


And then I found this necklace at the mall and well it matched the purse so PERFECTLY that I just had to take it home. It was certainly destiny I am sure.


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