Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nerdy Birdy: Bolsa Chica Conservatory

I took my husband today to Bolsa Chica for the first time however we didn’t get very far. We headed out of the house when plans got cancelled and we found ourselves with the rest of the afternoon free. Since it was a cloudy day I thought to go and get some great wide angle shots and practice my low lighting photography, unfortunately however I didn’t gage the temperature correctly and we ended up having to leave after only a half hour. I was FREEZING!

The trip was not all a bust. We got a few great landscape shots with the wide angle.




ALSO my wonderful husband confirmed that the reason my photos are just sharp and not RAZOR sharp was because my tripod is not sturdy enough. So with that conclusion he then took me to the camera store and let me pick out a new tripod as my Christmas present. I ended up with a Gitzo tripod and a Whimberly head and I could not be MORE EXCITED to try them out. Sadly however he took it, hid it, and threatened to take it back if I touched it before Christmas BOO!

I will post the photos and reasons behind what tripod I chose after Christmas when I can get my hands on it.

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