Sunday, November 29, 2009

BBBS 22 – Christmas Shopping

Because Ms. Little does not have much I asked her mother what she could use for her Christmas present. Her mother suggested clothes so I did something my mother used to do, I gave her some money and took her to the store of her choice and she had to weigh what she wanted and the cost of it all. I got such a kick out of seeing her eyes grow as big as saucers as I handed her the money. Her joy is so addicting and the littlest of things she is so thankful for.


We had such a wonderful time picking out all the clothes and then watching her try everything on. She has a pretty funky style and has a solid opinion about what she likes and what she does not like. One of the best parts was all the laughing and giggling we did in the dressing room, how she turned to me for advice and the antics and faces she pulled.


I love this kid and am so glad I am volunteering. She has helped me heal in so many ways and brings a unique joy to my life.

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