Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back on this Rollercoaster

Because of various reasons Mr. Rogue and I are dedicating ourselves once again to eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. This is something that we have been trying off and on for a year but as we get older we realize that being as healthy as you can be means taking care of your mind and your body.

One of the best tools I found to help in weight loss is the daily plate, a free website where you can enter in your weight, your weight loss goals, your food and your exercise and it really helps you to see the things you are doing wrong and the things you are doing right. I also like the accountability it creates for me having to write everything down.

With this new goal in mind Mr. Rogue and I also decided to keep our computers in our bedroom for now and convert the extra bedroom formally the computer room, formally Mr. & Mrs. Fruits room for a brief time, into an exercising room. We have the elliptical machine in there already and a television but we are currently looking for both a weight bench and a good large exercise mat. We are hoping that by making some major changes in the way we are living that we can have a happier and healthier life together.


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And, in the process, you just may live longer and not have to go through the pain and suffering poor health can create. Congrats to both of you for taking this journey together. It is incredibly important to have your mate help with each others goals and take interest in what the other wants to accomplish in your lives.

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