Monday, December 7, 2009

Babel Fish

Los Angeles is a melting pot for every ethnicity under the sun. I love the culture and the diversity that this mix brings to the city however it drives me a little crazy when I cannot understand what people are saying.

Today I went and got my nails done, something I have not done in a while due to the horrible toe incident. The nail salon I go to is run by Koreans who chatter amongst themselves while I generally read my book. Today however I had the nagging suspicion that they were talking about me. That they were remarking on my weight or my split ends or the fact that I always have my nose stuck in a book when I come. The only problem is that I cannot understand a word they are saying. I decided that I am going to learn a few words in Korean so the next time they are babbling away I can just lift my nose out of my book and say in Korean “Hello”. Can you imagine their HORROR when they think that after ALL THIS TIME I could understand every word they said? The wide eyes, the panicked heartbeats AHHHH I can just see it now.

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paul peggy zeus said...

That's funny! You gotta do it!

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